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Welcome to Carson Valley Basbeall - Express!

Welcome to Carson Valley Baseball!

Our organization is dedicated to the establishment of travel baseball teams for the Carson Valley Area for ages 9 through 18. We are beginning our third year and we are excited to have our teams up and playing. Please check out our site for more information and learn how you can sign up to participate in the upcoming season.

For 2018 Spring Season our 13U and 14U teams will be playing in local tournaments and over the hill in northern California.

Vision and Mission

Carson Valley Baseball provides a positive environment for youth players who want to challenge themselves, grow their skills and experience by playing competitive baseball.

Our mission is to provide the Carson Valley community a program that develops players of all ages, allows players and families to share a positive commitment to a competitive sport and to bridge the gap between recreational and competitive High School Baseball.  We do this by developing teams across various age brackets and playing in local and regional baseball tournaments and scrimmages throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons each year.

Player's Commitment

Carson Valley Baseball expects each player to maintain a strong commitment to physical, mental and skills development. 

A positive attitude and demonstrated effort at each game, at each practice is mandatory and in many respect outweighs skills is any one area.  Team participation and player pier support is required for success; negative behaviors are not tolerated.  Outside of scheduled games and practices players are expected to train both physically and mentally. This is accomplished with materials and training provided by Carson Valley Baseball, and / or generally available on the internet or from other sources.

Code of Conduct

Mental Game of Baseball  - Express Players Workbook (required annually for each player)

Program Financial Commitment

Carson Valley Baseball is a non-profit organization which relies on sponsorships to offset player and team costs.  We do ask each player / family to make a financial commitment each season and strictly enforce a “no pay no play” policy. However, we approach this in a logical and sensible way each season to offset upfront costs for each player’s family.

First, we ask each player to make a commitment of a registration fee of $100, this is refundable if a player is not selected to be on a team.  Second, all players are responsible for uniform costs, first time players will typically incur this cost for their initial season.  Next each team manager develops a season schedule, determines if paid coaching is required, and estimates the total season costs.  This total season estimated cost by player is provided to participating families so that a season financial commitment can be agreed.

At this point player families are required to pay 30% of the total season costs allowing each team to progress with the first series of tournaments.  Then each team executes a sponsorship drive with an objective to raise enough money to cover the remaining estimated costs for the season. If shortfalls exist then it is the responsibility of the player’s family to cover costs, any excess in sponsorship funds are refunded back to each players family towards the initial 30%.

*Alternatively if a team decides not to progress a sponsorship effort for a particular season then 100% of the estimated fees are due prior to season start.  If a team decides to run a sponsorship program then all funds raised are allocated as "genreal team" funds and not accounted for by individual players. In the event of excess funds then player/family refunds are awarded back in decesnding priorty of funds raised by player*



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